Sunday, 31 July 2016

Keep your tongue clean, healthy and holy!

If we are frustrated or annoyed, we always tend to give some job to the tongue. A few people delegate this job to tongue in a controlled manner. This way they make sure that others are in their comfort zones. But, most of us are not good at this work and receive alien looks from others.
Universally accepted solution to avoid saying bad words is to keep calm. But, if you feel keeping calm will damage your mental health in a long time. And if you want to express your anger and forget the situation then here goes the list,
  1. List out few holy words which substitute the dirty words you speak. Now practice saying these holy words instead of bad words.
  2. Pick up some funny words or phrases and use them. You can also add your own words to the list.
  3. Remember someone’s name who has inspired you, loved you so much or anyone who is a part of your life. Call their name as if you are in trouble.
  4. Another powerful word that substitutes everything is bleep.
While you are working on this list be creative that attracts the attention of others and avoids alien looks.

And one thing worth mention is “An email sent can be pulled back but a word said can’t be”. So, keep your tongue clean, healthy and holy.


  1. Whenever I get frustrated at the people, the only thing I say to myself is this: "The world is not perfect". Then, my anger automatically goes down as, there is no expectation that, everyone should behave rationally !!

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